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Busy? Concerned that you may forget your next Motor Insurance and Road Tax Renewal?
Don’t worry, PERKS is here.
Just CLICK, SCROLL DOWN and KEY IN the required information below and we will remind you when it’s due.

Product and Services

General Insurance

Motor Insurance Renewal

1) Where can I renew my motor insurance with Perks?

You can visit PERKS renewal booth at selected PETRONAS stations.

Click HERE for current list stations.

2) 4 easy steps to RENEW motor insurance.

Step 1 : Visit PERKS counter in PETRONAS stations.

Step 2 : Provide your details:

I. Name as in NRIC
II. NRIC Number
III. Car Model
IV. Car Registration number
V. Current Insurance policy (if motorcycle)

Step 3 : Quote provided on the spot.

Step 4: Make payment amount.

And you get your policy on the spot or via email!

Refund Policy
No refunds will be made by Perks once the cover note for any product has been issued to customers. Customers are to communicate directly with the respective insurance company(ies) in cases of cancellation to obtain any refunds.

3) Road Tax Renewal

Step 1: Provide your vehicle registration number.

Step 2: Provide your personal details:

  1. Name as per NRIC
  2. NRIC

Step 3: Review amount due for road tax. The charges involved are application (road tax fee) charges, convenience fees and delivery charges.

*Note: It is necessary to make payment for all outstanding traffic offences recorded prior to road tax renewal.

Step 4: Make payment for road tax renewal per quotation provided.

Step 5: Please provide your mailing address, the road tax will be delivered to your doorstep with delivery charges levied as follows:


Delivery charges for road tax renewal
Area Delivery Charges (RM) Service Charter
Klang Valley 6.00 within 2 working days
*Town Areas
*Rural Areas
within 2-3 working days
within 5 working days
Sabah & Sarawak 10.00 within 5 working days
Klang Valley – Express Delivery 20.00 within 6 hours


Please refer to the FAQs for more info.

If you’d like to find out more, just email us at enquiry@perks.com.my or call us at 03-7688 9011 for assistance.