About Us

PERKS is an independent insurance and takaful agency, representing renowned insurers and takaful operators in Malaysia. PERKS primary focus is motor insurance and takaful renewals, providing advice and consultancy for customers to better understand their insurance and takaful needs. PERKS through an exclusive collaboration with AXXESS, enables customers to significantly reduce or pay in full, their motor premiums and contributions, using their earned AXXESSpoints. In addition to insurance and takaful renewals, vehicle owners are also able to renew their road tax at PERKS.

PERKS is a facility established within selected PETRONAS stations nationwide. This value-added service is a first in Malaysia, where PETRONAS customers can have the added convenience of pumping fuel, renewing road tax and purchasing motor insurance and takaful coverage, at a single location. For PETRONAS Mesra program members, Mesra points earned when spending at PETRONAS (for fuel and other purchases), can be converted to AXXESSpoints, and used to reduce or pay in full, the cost of motor insurance and takaful renewals.


  1. We provide easy access to renew your motor insurance premiums at selected PETRONAS stations.
  2. We offer a panel of reputable insurance and takaful providers best suited to your needs.
  3. We undertake road tax renewal and delivery service to your door step.